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Investments that make sense


What is SV Capital

SV Capital is an investment platform that enables you to create and build your wealth.

Why choose SV Capital

  • A competent investment team enabling financial inclusion.
  • Because we all want to leave a legacy that will secure a comfortable future for yourself and loved ones.

SV Capital gives you instant access to investments that are easy to understand and have the potential to yield attractive returns.

We ensure:

  • A quick and easy registration process.
  • Due diligence is done on your behalf.
  • You own the real assets.
  • Regular investment feedback

The investment process

A simplified investment process that makes the investment easy to understand and available to anyone:

  1. You buy – You decide on which investment products you like
  2. We manage – Your assets form part of a pool of assets managed by experts
  3. You get paid – You earn returns on your investment without having to deal with the admin of maintaining and managing the assets yourself

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How it works

SV Capital’s investment products give you the ability to earn income from the fractional ownership of real assets. You buy an asset, your assets are managed by our experienced and knowledgeable farmers, and you get paid a return from the sale of your assets to market.

Investing made simple in 3 quick steps

Step 1: How you buy your assets

  • Select a product
  • Choose an investment amount
  • Pay instantly online

Step 2: How our investments work

Once you have purchased your assets, we do all the heavy lifting. We take a “hands-on” approach in managing the assets. Working hand-in-hand with our partner farmers in ensuring your assets are appropriately managed.

Step 3: How you earn a return

Your investment asset pays you a return when sold to market at a market-related price. The returns are based on the performance of the industry.

How your returns work

Your investment assets realise a return through the value of the asset increasing. The initial purchase price of the asset is a fully loaded cost that already incorporates all associated costs. For example, your cattle investment will track the market prices. The more weight gained by the cattle and increase in beef prices, the greater return on investment.

How we measure the impact on investment

SV Capital focuses on impact investments for both the positive financial impact on your wealth creation and the positive socio-economic impact on the African continent.

Benefits of SV Capital’s investment platform

  • Affordable investment thresholds
    • Investments starting with as little as R500.
  •  Own real assets
    • SV Capital provides alternative investment assets that move away from traditional virtual (non-real asset) investments, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio
  •  Own assets immediately
    • Invest and take ownership in under 10 min.
  •  Passive income
    • Return payments are made in line with pre-determined investment cycles.
  • Grow your wealth
    • You have the option to reinvest your capital and returns or cash out.
  •  Doing your bit
    • Invest in your legacy while having a positive social impact on the world from your living room.

Invest a piece of your hard-earned money to start build a legacy that will be forever remembered.

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