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I used to ask myself, how did my forefathers survive living what seemed to be a simple life. They had no banks or stock exchange to help them build wealth. Their literacy levels would be perceived as low in this day and age but they were wiser and had more wealth than most of us today.

I found the answer to my question when I analysed what wealth creation looked like in those days. Agriculture and especially livestock was the best way to create and preserve wealth back then. You ask yourself why?
Livestock served multiple purposes; it was used for food and served as a currency, which was accepted by every tribe. The holder knew if they nurtured a calf, it would gain value daily and when it reached a certain age it would have the ability to reproduce multiple times (what is termed today as “Compound interest”). They also understood the risk of potential mortality.

The concept of buying shares is great if you understand what you are doing. The fact is most South Africans do not understand how the stock market works. It is a complex system that was designed for the minority of the population to participate in, therefore leaving out a significant amount of the population to participate and reap the benefits of investing in the stock market.

Fast forward to 2019 were a larger and more diverse group of the population are trying to create wealth through buying and selling equities, forex trading, bitcoin, etc. These complex instruments have resulted in many people losing their money not because they don’t work but because people don’t know how they work.

We have abandoned the wealth creation lessons our forefathers gave us. Livestock is something that most South Africans and Africans understand well. It is tangible and always has a market as long as humans are still around. When last did you eat some beef or lamb? Think about it, wouldn’t this be something you want to invest in because it so easy to understand and a primary source of nourishment?

This is why SV Capital is not just another investment company. It is a company founded on the principles of providing easy to understand investment solution for the MAJORITY. Our investment products are not a new concept, they have been around for thousands of years, and we have simply repackaged it to suit the current generation. We aim to give you the ability to be a farmer from the comfort of your own home or office and let the people that have the passion and skills to manage your livestock do it for you while you earn the returns. We are an online agricultural investment platform that provides investments that make sense.

bendoda zinkomo zayo” ~~ Zulu Proverb (“The beauty of a man is his cows”)