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R 500


18.2% p.a






Your funds are invested alongside funds gathered from other clients. This pool of funds is used to purchase livestock which is looked after and managed by our farmer Beefcor, who have over 80 years of cattle farming experience and are one of the largest feedlots in South Africa. 

The livestock is fed and maintained until it reaches the optimum weight to be sold to an abettor. 

The value of your investment is based on the weight gain of the cattle as well as the selling (market) price.

You do not own a specific animal but rather a percentage of the herd of cattle held on the farm, depending on how much you contributed towards the pool.

Key product terms:

  • You are invested in a pool with other investors and you own a percentage of the pool which is determined by the amount you’ve invested and the pool size.
  • Raising pools open and close every 2 months, this means that if you invest your funds at the beginning of the raising pool, your funds will only be used to purchase livestock when the pool closes at the end of two months.
  • If you invest monthly, your funds will mature every 2 months in the following year.
  • The invested funds are locked in for 12 months.


Minimum Amount: R 2000

This is a once off payment which you can make at anytime you want.

Monthly Recurring

Minimum Amount: R 500

  • A monthly payment option that gives you the ability to invest in livestock on a monthly basis and this will be automatically from your card.
  • The monthly payment duration is 12 months.
Initial Amount Months SV Capital Investment Bank Savings Account
R 500.00 12 R591.00 R 537.40
R 2,000.00 12 R2,364.00 R 2,149.60
R 4,000.00 12 R4,728.00 R 4,299.20
R 6,000.00 12 R7,092.00 R 6,448.80
R 8,000.00 12 R9,456.00 R 8,598.40
R 10,000.00 12 R11,820.00 R 10,748.00
R 12,000.00 12 R14,184.00 R 12,897.60
  • Become a farmer from the comfort of your home or office
  • Earn competitive returns
  • Invest in a physical asset
  • 12 Month investment
  • No early withdrawal
  • Historic return of 18.2% after costs and fees
  • You can make a once off investment or monthly investment
  • Your funds are invested alongside other investors

SV Capital charges a fee of 1% – 4.5% per cycle. Returns shown are net of fees

How often will I get feedback?

You will receive feedback every 120 days which is how long it takes for us to get the cows to the optimum weight. Once the cows have been sold, we will provide you with a report explaining the performance.

Is my investment guaranteed?

Your investment is not guaranteed; however, 99% of the cattle are guaranteed. SV Capital has taken measures to ensure the best possible outcome by conducting extensive due diligence on the partner companies that we work with but there is a level of risk that you will be taking in this investment.

Can I invest in a pregnant cow?

We do not have the option to invest in a pregnant cow. All our cattle are placed in a feedlot for beef consumption purposes, we do not breed cattle.

Do I own a specific cow?

No, you don’t own a specific cow, you are invested alongside other investors. You own a percentage of the herd of cattle kept on the farm. This helps reduce your risk and makes the investment more affordable.

What is the potential risk?

The two main risks is:

  • The market price at the time of sale
  • Livestock doesn’t gain the expected weight

We have mitigated as much of the risk as possible by having a guaranteed buyer when the livestock reaches its optimum weight  


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