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With the realisation that many people have no or little knowledge of personal finance and investing skills. We have designed a workshop that aims to educate people on personal finance and investing, by creating and facilitating tailored training courses for corporate clients.

Corporate tailored training

SV Capital has designed a personal finance and investments training programme tailored for Corporate. Even though corporates bring graduates into their spaces for training and growth within the company, the trainees do not have the insight on what to do with their salaries at the end of the month. Through our personal finance workshop, we will provide these individuals with financial tools to better handle their money and foster an investing culture from an early point in their career. This will not only allow Corporates to better prepare their employees for the work place, but also make them financially skilled and prepared for life.

Topics Covered

Topic covering Key outcomes
  • Effective budgeting techniques
  • Managing your expenses
Credit score
  • What is a good credit score
  • What is considered when calculating a credit score
  • Things you need to consider that will impact their credit score
Purchasing a car or house
  • What to look out for when purchasing these assets
  • Understanding the additional costs that come with acquiring these assets
  • Investment principals that can be applied to day to day lives
We facilitate the learning using a game, which can be easily adapted for most demographics (10 years – 75 years), touching on key principals around personal finance and investing. The money system is a fun, interactive game that is played over 7 rounds.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

SV Capital is focused on educating the people by offering personal finance and investments workshops to communities around South Africa. We have realised that a vast number of South Africans are not exposed to sufficient material around managing their finances. This is an important component in building and strengthening communities across South Africa. By having these workshops, we are educating communities about the basic principles of managing their personal finance by covering topics such as budgeting, saving and investing. We have designed several interactive learning programmes that encourage people to examine their spending and savings habits. We will also include The Money System Game in these workshops, which will give the delegates tangible examples and learning’s from the interactions. South Africa has long been a consumer nation that we hope to change to a wealth creating nation through our workshops. These workshops will be held every 2 months in the communities.

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