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What does it cost me?

SV Capital charges a management fee, ranging between 1% and 4.5% of the Assets Under Management (total funds raised) and is paid triannually (every 4 months).  The management fee will be disclosed to clients in the triannual report. The amount of any management fee levied will be subject to the investment return generated during such period as follows:
 – 1%-4.5% will be charged once animals have been sold and proceeds have been received after 120days.

How will I know what is happening with my investment?

SV Capital will provide the Client with a report immediately following the initial acquisition of Livestock
(1) the Livestock acquired and
(2) the actual cost of the Livestock acquired in respect of all the funds raised in that period.

SV Capital will further provide the Client with a report at the end of the Investment Period indicating:
(4) the investment performance during the year and
(5) fees paid

Is my investment guaranteed?

Although we guarantee 99% of the livestock, your capital invested is not guaranteed; SV Capital has taken
measures to insure the best possible outcome by conducting extensive due diligence on the partner
companies we work with but there is a level risk specifically with the sale price that you will be taking
in this investment.

Are you regulated by the FSB or any other regulatory body?

We do not provide financial advice nor do we provide investment instruments. We provide a platform
allowing investors access to assets that would not readily be available on the market. All investment
decisions are at the sole discretion of the investor.
We are registered as a company which means we are governed by the Companies Act, Act no 71 of 2008
of South Africa. We have also appointed auditors and a board of independent directors in order to
achieve the best corporate governance practices.

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