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R 3000









This product is designed for those that are looking to save towards lobola. Even though an age old tradition that was done by our forefathers, iLobola remains key in African tradition.

SV Capital gives you the opportunity to save towards iLobola by offering an investment product that not only yields attractive returns but is also simple and easy to understand.


Minimum Amount: R 15,000

This is a once off payment which you can make at anytime you want.

Payment Plan

Minimum Amount: R 3000

  • A monthly payment option that gives you the ability to invest  on a monthly basis and this will be automatically done from your card.
  • The monthly payment duration is 6 months.
Initial Amount Months SV Capital Investment Bank Savings Account
R 5,000.00 12 R 5,910.00 R 5,374.00
R 10,000.00 12 R 11,820.00 R 10,748.00
R 15,000.00 12 R 17,730.00 R 16,122.00
R 20,000.00 12 R 23,640.00 R 21,496.00
R 25,000.00 12 R 29,550.00 R 26,870.00
R 30,000.00 12 R 35,460.00 R 32,244.00
R 35,000.00 12 R 41,370.00 R 37,618.00
  • Payment at the end of the investment can be in the form of livestock or cash or both, whatever abakhongi need, we will make it happen!
  • Become a farmer from the comfort or your home or office
  • Earn competitive returns
  • Physical asset
  • 18 Month investment
  • No early withdrawal
  • Historic return of 18.2% p.a after costs and fees
  • You can make a once off investment or monthly investment for 6 months, its all up to you
  • SV Capital will settle either in cattle or cash or both
  •  SV Capital will arrange for a cow to be delivered if within Johannesburg. For areas outside of Johannesburg, SV Capital will settle the invoice of the cattle and the remaining cash will be paid out to the investor.

SV Capital charges a fee of 4.5% per cycle. Returns shown above are net of fees