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What is it?

SV Capital has launched the Agrifund on the Stokfella App to allow individuals with amounts between R 500 – R 2000 to invest.

What is the Agrifund Investment Stokvel?

The Agrifund Investment is a fund  managed by Smartvest Capital (“SV Capital”). This fund is invested in the agricultural sector and provides the investor with the opportunity to earn competitive inflation beating returns.

Does the Agrifund Investment Stokvel have a constitution, and where can I find it?

The StokFella App has a pre-populated constitution for the members which covers most of the framework within which we operate. It is a living constitution, which means it can be and will be amended accordingly based on the mandate of the Stokvel.

Are there any contractual agreements governing this?

There are contractual agreements with all parties involved at each stage of the process, from you signing up to the Stokvel, to the Stokvel money being invested with SmartVest Capital to the funds being paid back at the end of the investment period.

Is the Stokvel open to under 18 year olds??

At this stage it is not open for under 18s. Each person can represent only one person (themselves). If someone under the age of 18 wants to participate their parents/ guardian needs to do it on their behalf.

Who are SmartVest Capital?

SV Capital is an investment company that focuses on long term investments with the potential to yield a high return across all sectors. SV Capital has established itself as a disruptor in the financial services industry by partnering with Stokvel’s, Investment Clubs and Individuals to achieve their financial goals paired with an attractive returns profile.

SV Capital is a South African registered company that is 100% black owned and 50% female owned. SV Capital is focused on creating value for clients through investing in alternative asset classes, that the normal man on the street would not normally get exposure to.

Who heads SmartVest Capital, and what is the level of its involvement / control in the Stokvel??

SmartVest was founded by Ayanda Masuku and Kagiso Tloubatla and has a team of people perform various duties and functions. In addition, Smartvest has partnered with StokFella to be able to provide the Agrifund Investment on the StokFella platform. StokFella is an admin platform for Stokvels founded by Mr Tshepo Moloi. None of these companies control the Stokvel. The control of the Stokvel is within its members and the mandate. These companies have come together to create an environment for which the mandate of the Stokvel can be executed securely, transparently, accordingly and to the benefit of the members.

When does the Stokvel year start??

The Year starts in February 2018.

Who are the auditors and who is the founder of the Stokfella app?

The auditors are SnB Auditors and they are listed with a practice number on the regulatory body of auditors. Stokfella has a FSP number provided;

What happens to my investment / contributions if I pass away??

The laws that govern how a deceased estate is wound up and will govern you here. It will be up to your will if you have one. If not, consult a legal advisor about who then qualifies as your next of kin etc.

How long is the waiting period before I can claim, and what happens if I want to claim before the waiting period ends?

The money is locked in for one year. If during the year you decide you no longer want to be a part of the Stokvel you will only be paid out in 12 months from your last contribution.

Who holds the bank account into which the payments are made?

The bank account is held under the StokFella trust account. StokFella can only action or have access on the bank account according to the mandate of the Stokvel and the instructions given on its platform.

Will I have sight of the financial state of the Stokvel?

Yes, the financial state of the Stokvel will be constantly available to you as a Stokvel member through the app.

How often will you send statement of accounts or how else will statements be accessed?

The Stokvel statements are readily available on the app and website. We will be emailing fund performance from SmartVest Capital every quarter.

Is there a min aggregated stokvel value you need to make this feasible? Or will joiners get full access to services from month 1?

A minimum aggregated amount of R 60 000 will need to be pooled to be able to invest. Should this amount not be reached the funds will be in an interest bearing account until the target is reached. The Stokvel will invest the R 60 000 plus any interested earned during the lag period.

What category of FSP license does StokFella have, and has anyone in the group ever managed funds?

StokFella has the category to be an intermediary service provider, which simply means they are merely a conduit for Stokvels on their platform in executing the mandate given to them through their platform. The funds are managed by the Stokvel and its members according to the Stokvel mandate.

Have you registered with the FSB and NCR?

The Agrifund Investment Stokvel does not give credit/loans to any member or anyone hence not registered with NCR. The stokvel is to function within the stokvel FAIS act of ‘Exemption of Burial Societies and Stokvels’ when executing its mandate.

How do I make payment?

To make payment, you must select the blue sign bottom of the screen on the StokFella App. Then select the Agrifund Investment Group. You will then have options to either pay using your bank card or EFT or Retail deposit. We prefer if you pay using EFT. Select ‘Submit’ to generate a unique reference number for you. Please make sure you select ‘Done’ and use the reference provided to you (in the app and via email) so that the payment is allocated to your profile.

Agrifund Investment Stokvel Constitution

Investment Mandate

All business relating to the Agrifund will be audited by SnB Chartered Accountants & Auditors Charted (Practice Number 966205)